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their mission at a new year's conference called passion 2013. >> reporter: 60,000 students packed atlanta's georgiadome for a party. a time of worship. >> jesus in infinitely worthy of eternal admiration. >> reporter: and to hear god's word. this is passion 2013, an annual conference for young christians that grows larger each year. >> these students are coming together. lifting up the name of jesus together, and with that, it's a beautiful sight. >> reporter: this is an army of believers from all 50 states, and 54 countries. they are leading these young people in what many would call an impossible mission. it is called "end it now." it's a fight to end modern day slavery. >> one thing we can agree on is there are 27 million slaves, and there should be no more slaves. so we're going to lift that up and put it front and center. >> reporter: armed with smartphones, credit cards, and ipads, young people attended. and passion is partnered with more than a dozen organizations on the ground and around the world. >> we believe jesus was the original abolishist, and these are the first once. thes
with the high right to the northeast of us. if you have travel plans today, the east coast, including atlanta over towards d.c., maybe even new york, a few delays possible with some rain. even some heavier rain at times as well. >> i love how this guy did this. this went on throughout the entire morning show as they scrambled to get computers back up and running. he even made graphics of the changing forecast of his mood. >> this is how i felt this morning. this is how i felt when i realized i could draw everything, and when i realized we're finally getting the computers back, this is how i feel right now. >> i like the hair color. >> well, i had to utilize the blue highlighter. >> finally, after an hour and a half, the computer was finally fixed. but the question is would it work? >> see if it works. ready? go back to weather one. >> there it is! >> we got it. >> excellent. >> thank you to everybody involved this morning. >> i like yours better. >> i got to say, i kind of like the hand drawn ones better myself. it kind of makes me want to set up a pictionary game between that guy and chad my
next year. >> i want to talk a little bit about atlanta, because i have dual citizenship, i live in baltimore and i live in atlanta. that was also an astounding game, that was a fantastic game. so has atlanta finally put all the naysayers to rest? i mean they have proven they can win in playoffs, right? >> they did win and it was very exciting, it's interesting, though, they have opened up as t the underdogs in this game. atlanta fans are very happy this morning, i get a lot of tweets and a lot of e-mails, and it's true, this was a big-time show me game, everybody was waiting for the falcons to do this. >> then they almost gave the game right back, and it another physical testimony, the 49ers to have to travel across the country. ultimately this team is no joke, you saw co you -- he ran the option that destroyed the packers. >> i can't wait -- aaron, thank you so much. thank you for joining me. i'm carol cosell low, cnn newsroom continues right now with wolf blitzer. >>> hello, everyone, i'm wolf blitzer in washington, we want to welcome you to our special coverage leading into p
traveling to atlanta for the championship. for free. what you need to give a couple beginners a great idea, and they won't be beginners for long. they'll go to where they can get the skills, the savings, and the supplies they need - to go from beginning... to doing... to beautifully done. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. right now this ashland vanity is a special buy at just two ninety-nine dollars. call (star star)thd to shop now. >> daly city, dublin, los gatos, and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone, at 5:13 on abc7 morning news on thursday morning. looking live from the rooftop camera in h.d. toward the embarcardero and the office buildings, another crisp and clear and "spare the air" day with more on that in the forecast with mike and more on the morning commute. >> more news now, the state public utility commissions holds a hearing today on a plan to add 628 to the 415 area code. regulators say the 415 area code is running out of numbers. the change is drawing opposition, though. >> you tell people where you are from and you say
to take on the atlanta falcons on sunday for the nfc championship game. >> to get you more news faster, let us turn to kron 4 solo reporter mike pelton. he is live at the niners headquarters in santa clara. mike? >> you can see the old post. goal psot . the team will go through a practice at 1130 this morning. then they will board a jet to atlanta to face up the falcons. that game is sunday. if they win the game they advanced to the superbowl. the niners lost at this point last season. the players and coach are hoping it turned out differently this time around. they are ready to go. >> last year we did not beat the saints. this one we took care of business. let us go to atlanta and take care of business and try to get to the big one and wind that one. >> i will pack a toothbrush and a great attitude and get ready to play a football game. >> the atlanta falcons are the top seed, but the 49ers are the favorite. >> when the sun comes up i will show you the progress because you can see better. >> it looks as if they have added more seats in the upper deck. still a long way to go before the
, los angeles mayor antonio villaraigosa and atlanta mayor kasim reed and their special insight on the next four years. that's next. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] don't just reject convention. drown it out. introducing the all-new 2013 lexus ls f sport. an entirely new pursuit. overmany discounts to thine customers! [old english accent] safe driver, multi-car, paid in full -- a most fulsome bounty indeed, lord jamie. thou cometh and we thy saveth! what are you doing? we doth offer so many discounts, we have some to spare. oh, you have any of those homeowners discounts? here we go. thank you. he took my shield, my lady. these are troubling times in the kingdom. more discounts than we knoweth what to do with. now that's progressive. >>> it is just about 3:00 in the east, noon out west. i'm kate bolduan. hello again from the national mall. >> i'm john berman. you're watching cnn's special coverage of president barack obama's inauguration weekend. thank you for joining us. the crowds are growing here. >> if you're just joining us, where have you been? it's such an exc
delays. that is common. but air-traffic atlanta, chicago, new york really has a wave of wild weather moving through the country. joining us now from the weather center. rick, this will take a while, isn't it? >> the rest of the afternoon will be a washout. end of the year reports from new york down through atlanta, atlanta getting pummeled right now, airports will be delayed and this is a thick line of storms to get over, so planes cannot land and cannot get out of here. a lot of severe weather with it. tornadoes firing today. five of them across north georgia. and right now atlanta being pummeled with very heavy rain. atlanta not looking at a tornado right now, but certainly very significant wind. all of these storms pull through, clearing out midnight across georgia and the south east. we will replay this for the northeast and things are getting worse this afternoon. a big line of storms moving through overnight toward new york city on thursday morning at 6:00 still seeing the rain near boston. cold and windy. incredible temperature swings and we are seeing it right now. 94 degrees
to zero. in atlanta, about 11 degrees for you. >> and look at the headlines here -- u.s. president barack obama has been officially sworn in for a second term at the swearing-in ceremony in the white house. a larger public swearing-in will take place on monday. reports some of the kidnappers were captured in algeria. french troops in mali have launched new attacks against rebels. taking you back to our top story -- president barack obama's inauguration. let's go live now to washington d.c. you were giving us a sense of the programs of the president is mapping out. how is he going to get it through congress? >> the republicans still control the house and they have been in no mood to compromise. he's trying to take on some pretty controversial issues -- immigration, gun control, spending, dealing with the national debt and deficit. these are things he sees absolutely no common ground with republicans on. he has to get them to agree, so how is he going to do it? he's defined by his ability to campaign. he's putting that the organization into eight groups that will lobby on his behalf. his in
of the morning to you, atlanta. this is hartsfield-jackson atlanta international airport. my goodness, berman, it is 63 degrees there right now later, 72. let's hop on the plane and head over. very nice. good morning to you. welcome back to "early start." it's been a week the people at boeing would rather forget. two more incidents overnight on separate flights of a dreamliner 787 in japan involving a cracked cockpit windshield and an oil leak. it comes on the heels of the dreamliner this week, a fuel spill, an electrical fire and brake problems. now there are reports that the faa will review the dreamliner's power system. cnn's renee marsh is joining us live from washington. this is an alarming pattern of incidents that have occurred overnight and this week. can you walk us through what happened? >> you mentioned it. it is just troubling for boeing there. this is not the day or week you want to have. we're talking about three incidents over a period of three days. you mentioned monday there was a fire that broke out in the belly of one of the 787s on the tarmac there at logan airport in bost
.c. down to atlanta, it's rather warm. not going to be lasting very long. just enjoy it for the time being because once that system pushes through things will be changing. now across much of europe we have a storm system that's lingering towards the west. scandinavia peninsula see how deep that rope that's wrapping around here. that's indicating a very deep pressure interacting with high pressure across the iberian peninsula and strong interaction sets up this tight gradient. gusty winds. sustained winds up to 60 kilometers. already wind reports of this gust over 140 kilometers per hour in portions of the uk over towards france. the system is bringing heavy rain showers expected to continue across low countries and shift over to snow as it moves into western portions of russia. out there towards moscow getting a few centimeters of accumulation. british alps a short break. right on its heels is another storm system going into thursday. temperature remaining warm for now. this is also going cooling off. as we take a look off towards the east, rather chilly there in moscow and kiev. just belo
of atlanta.. it fillld 33 entire manufacturing plant. -3 workers ran for safety as the & heavy steel ggrdees came own arounddthem. 3 aad ww ere unner a tornndoo watch here in baltimore - toniggh. as heehigh winns arrived, so did he eavyy rains. it fell in sheett as you can see in this viewer video from fallston. ii as theessme from fallston. it was he same cene around the 3 to keep up with this powwrful p what's innstore for theerestt of the night? 3&pchief meteorologist vvyas reid is racking thh stooms. storms. 3 lee's go to hhm for a look at 3 3&pit's a toryywee irst broke on fox baltimore dot com.a ppincipal at a high school in southwest bbltimore ... ressgns... amid allegations... he had... inappropriatt communication pith student. 3& munt saint josspp igh sccool annnunced barryyfitzpattickks - pesignation erlier today after reeently finding that 3 witt the student were inapprooriate....//everal &padminiitrrtor nd frrend...and ask that people waittfor aal the factt tocome outtthe vice principal wwll seeve as acting - p
in behind that bringing down your temperatures to atlanta. you'll be seeing below freezing temperatures. meanwhile, out to the northwest, more snow into b.c. but also some stagnant air near vancouver down there towards seattle. this is going to be creating dangerous conditions for anybody with respiratory issues as temperatures remain in the single digits. here to europe, the british isles, you're seeing clear skies for now, but into friday, specifically friday morning, some snow showers are going to kick up because of this system coming in from the west. that's bringing all sorts of moist air, but also we have this cold air that's been lingering out there toward the northeast. once these two collide you're going to be seeing heavy snowfall, 10 to 15 centimeters. 25 centimeters into the hills. also accompanied by gusty winds. could be seeing blizzard conditions here throughout your day on your friday. also seeing some unstable weather across italy and over to greece due to a separate system pushing along to bring some thunderstorm activity for you as temperatures will be getting up to t
. for you who are out on the front lines, doesn't that frustrate you? >> absolutely. i heard about atlanta. >> jennifer: a middle school in atlanta, another shooting today. >> and a young woman who was in president obama's inauguration was shot. >> jennifer: yes. >> we got to stop it. we have to stop it. it is frustrating, and i've been talking--i'm hoping that urban and suburban i hope we can get past the rhetoric and get to doing something about gun violence in this toronto. >> jennifer: after yesterday's town hall you said there is a political window, and now is the time to change gun laws. do you think that can actually happen when one side has always been so successful, and frankly so stubborn? >> i think it can happen. i do i do. it's not going to be easy. you always hope that minds will prevail. i don't think anybody wants anybody to die. when i've been in the room, if i cannous this phrase, on the other side, i've been able to get them to focus on what we're here for. that is to save young people's lives. whether it be sandy hook, chicago, san francisco or oakland, i think that com
and the one in atlanta? >> i go to d.c. and i get stop dyeing your hair. i know. we live and die by the hair. >>> coming up. a lot on the detroit auto show. a top bmw executive is going to join phil lebeau. if you went to bed early last night, it was important. >> the golden globes were fantastic. >> did you see ben affleck sthp. >> yes. >> and steve iger. >> iran hostage drama "argo" won best movie drama. the musical and one of the universal films "les mis" won the contest for best comedy or musical as well as acting award for hugh jackman and ann hathway. and lincoln got only one golden globe out of seven because they found out he wasn't wearing that hat. >> bill clinton showed up, too. >> did he? >> yeah. >> he got the win. more importantly, duke lost to the wolf pack. they were undefeated and michigan lost to ohio state. so then you saw the falcons finally got off. >> and the patriots won? >> the patriots looked pretty good. >> it was a one-point gain, right? >> it was 30 seconds. anyway, we'll be back. i had to end with some sports after that hollywood dribble. this is america. we don't
rib? all we know is you can buy them in chicago right now after a successful test in atlanta. these pictures were taken by our cameraman who grabbed them. saying they are pretty good. quote, i've had much worse and a food blogger in atlanta raves about them. mcy d's stock has not performed as well as buffalo wild wings even though wing prices vokt skyrocketed in a year. however, wing prices have leveled off since the fall. chicken production rose so farmers could get rid of birds and not having to feed them high-priced corn. not all poultry news is positive. the biggest poultry producer of all, the colonel, will fall. china is parent company yum's largest market. both baird and oppenheimer believe the problem in china is transitory like taco bell was in the u.s. however, quote, it will get worse before it gets better. mcdonald's came under fire for allegedly letting chicken wings sit at room temperature for too long like we've done here. the news there, maria, mcdonald's was already selling wings in china, who knew? >> who knew. >> those do look good. which of the two fast fo
they opened up a lot of lanes for us. >> seattle plays at atlanta later on. if seattle wins the nfc championship game will be right back here next weekend. if atlanta wins then the 49ers are going to have to get it done on the road. that's the story from candlestick park. back to you guys in the studio. >> it is going to be exciting. >>> friends and family bid a sad farewell to a bay area teenager. >> coming up, the latest on what may have led to the death of a petaluma girl in south lake tahoe. >>> we will be right back. so, we all set? i've got two tickets to paradise! pack your bags, we'll leave tonight. uhh, it's next month actually... eddie continues singing: two tickets to... paradiiiiiise! no four. remember? whoooa whooaa whooo! you know ronny, folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. and how happy are they jimmy? happier than eddie money running a travel agency. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. >>> you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news this morning. >>> elation in the bay a
it out on atlanta this weekend. 5:26. >>> a man outsourcing his own job to china. how he was able to get away without doing any work. >> new developments in a tense kidnapping in algeria. some american hostages escape overnight. the latest on efforts to end the crisis. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents on their own are fantastic but add some sauce pepperoni and cheese and fold up the crescent dough...and presto! tuesday night just became crescent pizza pocket-tastic pillsbury crescents. let the making begin [ female announcer ] why settle for plain bread? here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. [ telephone rings ] good evening this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. >>> by all indications this is a terrorist act. >> american hostages escape in algeria. >> the terrorists say the attack is in retaliation for french air
mean, we have not been building them for 50 years. for example, in atlanta, only 35% of the people who want to live in urban communities that are walkable can afford -- can find them and afford to live them. it is described as the next great economic boom. they have to sell houses first; right? get out of the old house, but they would rather be in the city, and the ones of means, of course, have disposable income, no kids, exactly the kind of customers you want for your stores and part of your tax base in the city. joe courtright, also based in portland, has done a lot of research into what that means. he took walk score, based in seattle. do you know about walk score? raise your hand if you know about walk score. pretty much most of you. that rates each address in the world, i guess america, i don't know. it's google maps data in terms of walk about. joe did a study finding that -- depends what city you're in, but every walk score point is worth, on average, out of a hundred, worth $2,000. every point on a hundred-point scale, which figures in dc an empty lot in the city is worth $200
from atlanta. >> i know you're probably wondering when are we going to start to see some warmer temperatures. we are still dealing with the bitter cold out there and this is still going to be dangerous. look at some of the windchills that have been reported over the last six hours. minus 20 in oakland, pennsylvania. look at the numbers for parts of the midwest. we have 7 degrees in minneapolis, certainly an improvement over the last couple days. but keep in mind we are still talking about wind out there and it that wind is what's providing that deadly windchill. we talked about this over the last couple days. say if you're outside for roughly about ten minutes and minus 30 windchill, you could suffer frostbite. if you look across parts of the northeast, all that cold air has been spread over toward areas like pennsylvania as well as new york where we have a reading of 6 degrees right now in altoona, scranton, and you add in the wind, it feels like minus 6. for new york, i imagine going out to work this morning, it was mighty cold out there. my in us 1 feels like there. and for a
constructive. there are a few federal reserve blogs. the atlanta fed has one. the new york fed has one. we have twitter and facebook. we are moving along here. so, we are still a little bit old-fashioned. i think the social media does provide a convenient way to communicate the way -- communicate quickly and strange ideas. -- exchange ideas. some positive developments there. >> we should encourage you to follow the tigers. unfortunately, we are out of time. i would like to thank our questioners for posing the questions. i would like to thank all of you in the room and online for joining us in today's conversation. you can find information at the ford school on our website. i hope you'll follow us. >> several live events this morning. the council for science and the environment discusses disasters in the environment. the discussion will focus on the lessons of hurricane katrina, the ongoing drought, and the earthquake in japan. that is on c-span3 at 8:30 on with -- , today's a few moments headlines and phone calls, live on washington journal. the us house of representatives will be in session at
for disease controls, right, in atlanta, studied this, if there was anything gun law that helped reduce gun violence and they came up with? >> nothing. >> zero. it's all a mixed bag. if you ban things the bad guys know. >> bill: 300 million guns on the streets of america right now. the bad guys are going to find them, ookay? that's the tway. >> makes no difference. other countries, too. >> bill: i favor though background checks and the government knowing who has an ar. i think that's just sane. you oppose? >> i don't know where to draw the line. the government messes up the background checks. they leave people's names out. you say ar. how about another kind of gun. >> i say just a semiautomatic rifles. the ones with the big clips. i think they got to register. >> am i reasonable? >> it seems reasonable to me to ban the big clips, too. it's just a anyone can make one. >> the background checks might. the government collecting this information. >> it's not going to stop another new town shooting. >> doesn't mean you can do this. when we come right back, will president obama succeed in damaging
plans today, the east coast including atlanta to d.c., even new york, a few delays possible. even heavier rain at times as well. >> i love how this guy did this. this went on for the entire morning show. he even made graphics for the changing photograph of his mood. >> this is how i felt this morning. this is how i felt when i realized i could draw everything and when i realized we're getting the computers back, this is how i feel right now. >> i like the hair >>> out front, militants are holding several americans hostage. the leader of an islamist group tells me it is because the west joins the war in mali. >>> president obama proposes 23 executive actions to cut gun violence. >>> good evening. i'm erin brunette. americans held hostage. islamic militants claim on the desert. >>> the best information that we have at this time is that u.s. citizens are among the hostages in order to protect their safety, i will not get into numbers or names. >> the number of american hostages has been fluid. an islamic military leader told us there were seven. they tell us there could be as few as
to the northeast of us. if you have travel plans today, the east coast, including atlanta over towards d.c., maybe even new york, a few delays possible with some rain. even some heavier rain at times as well. >> i love how this guy did this. this went on throughout the entire morning show as they scrambled to get computers back up and running. he even made graphics of the changing forecast of his mood. >> this is how i felt this morning. this is how i felt when i realized i could draw everything, and when i realized we're finally getting the computers back, this is how i feel right now. >> i like the hair color. >> well, i had to utilize the blue highlighter. >> finally, after an hour and a half, the computer was finally fixed. but the question was would it work? >> see if it works. ready? go back to weather one. >> there it is! >> we got it. >> excellent. >> thank you to everybody involved this morning. >> i like yours better. >> i got to say, i kind of like the hand drawn ones better myself. it kind of makes me want to set up a pictionary game between that guy and chad myers. i'm just thankful i
and europe to face the atlanta falcons and this sunday. niner fans have been excited all week and stores have been struggling to keep the no. 7 a jersey on the shelves. a season ago, the niners beat the new orleans saints in their playoff opener and lost to the new york giants in the nfc title game. head coach john harbaugh says that the team has a better approach going into the title game this year. >> the niners will face the falcons this sunday at the georgia dome. the game time is set noon our time. >> coming up on kron 4 morning news. we will have an update on the kidnapping of 20 people including americans in algeria. americans in algeria. i??çóÑk?wç >> you are watching kron 4 bay area news channel. i m james fletcher. here are the top stories. >> san jose police have released a sketch of a man, who they say tried to pry a young child out of her mother's arms earlier this week. investigators say, the this is a sketch of the suspect who try to snatch the 2 year-old girl tuesday evening. police went door to door in the neighborhood, looking for anyone who might know something about th
what? it's go time. [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> cenk: now atlanta pass tore louie giglio has done good work in his life, but also has terrible things to say about gay americans. he gave this sermon called in search of a standard christian response to homosexuality in the 1990's. >> homosexuality is less than god's best for his creation. it is less than god's best fours and everything in our lives. >> cenk: yeah. here's what i love. guys who think they're talking to god. i heard the voice of god. did he tell you where it said you shouldn't eat shrimp because you're going to hell. he didn't tell you that part. he did focus on the one part that they talk about not the part where if you wear two different types of clothing it's an domination and you'll serve in hell forever. that gets left out. this part doesn't of the of the >> cenk: can you imagine gays having the same standing in our society at anyone else? my god what would we do if we didn't have that kind of hateful discrimination. that's a really good point. his detractors say that was 15 years ago. his proponents say that. gay rights activists
where a nightclub fire has killed at least 245 people. rafael romo is live in atlanta with more. >> candy, good morning. the death toll now stands at 245 after a massive fire in the city of santa maria in brazil. it broke out at about 2:00 a.m. this morning. more than 3,000 people were attending an event, a celebration as the end of summer in that part of the world when the fire broke out. it was a very dense fire, thick smoke and that was the main problem, candy, that many people died of smoke inhalation. authorities say that many of those killed also died because people trampled them as many were trying desperately to get out of that place. as it stands right now, as i said before, 245 people dead. but authorities are only now beginning the investigation. brazilian president attending a conference in chile traveled to the area to monitor the response of the federal efforts. candy, back to you. >> thanks, rafael. we will continue to follow the story. but now back to fareed zakaria "gps." >>> i'm fareed zakaria coming to you from davos. russia may no longer be the other super po
have it sent into a wreath into the gulf of mexico an atlanta ocean. you can have it launched in a fire work. basically the only thing you can't do is mix it with tidy cat, sue. >> there you go, ty. thanks so much. i know you've been working real hard on it. it is terrific. >> what can investors expect from tomorrow's employment report? we will tell you when we come back. plus, the powerhouse. a guided tour of america's top real estate markets today. we focus in on tampa. what does your money buy you right there? back in a minute. rated every step of the process, making it easier to try filters and strategies... to get a list of equity options... evaluate them with our p&l calculator... and execute faster with our more intuitive trade ticket. i'm greg stevens and i helped create fidelity's options platform. it's one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. now get 200 free trades pen an account. ♪ [ male announcer ] when we built the cadillac ats from the ground up to be the world's best sport sedan... ♪ ...people noticed. ♪ the all-new cadillac ats -- 2013
in atlanta. that is today's "speed read." sandra: all right, ashley. well done, sir. today is the big game. notre dame, university o of alabama in the bcs championship. many have complained of how the bcs ranks their teams. we found somebody has a simple and easy way to rank these teams. joining me, president of btl associates. what first do you do, you represent players in the nfl, is that correct? >> that is correct. an agency out of new york city and represent new york players. sandra: how are these bowl games, it is taking place in miami tonight, bu puts the schos on the big screen prime time, what does it do for the school itself, do you feel? >> it will bring a tremendous amount of revenue to each program. alabama and notre dame two historic programs and powerhouses in college football. and each school walks away between 22-$24 million. ashley: it does a lot for the area the game is hosted. in miami that hosted the orange bowl. what sort of impact will the city of miami see from this? >> you will see hospitality and tourism industries achieve record numbers over the past weekend, pas
you have? >> we have 100 employees and three plants, atlanta, phoenix and wisconsin. david: you fall right into the small business category concerned about obamacare, don't you? because you have just enough employees you have to begin to provide services maybe you haven't been providing in the past? >> absolutely, david. i think the fine line with us is we also develop software solutions for the health care and insurance industries of the so as a result of obamacare we're actually able to help some of those insurance and health care providers develop better communications strategies to reduce their costs and increase better efficiencies in reaching their consumers. david: as an employer robert how will it affect your relationship with your emmloyees and your costs? >> we've been in conversations about that because absolutely it is a fear. no question we don't think there's a free ride for anybody. there is no such thing as free health care. it might sound good but when you put 40 million people that are uninsured on the program, somebody will have it pay for it and ultimately it will
wrapped up a conference in atlanta that attracted more than 60,000 college students. >>> the future of afghanistan and the plan to withdraw u.s. troops will be discussed today and meetings with president barack obama, vice president joe biden and of agab stand's president hamid karzai. both heads of state will take part in a joint news conference coming up in about three hours from now. cnn's wolf blitzer and gloria borger will anchor our live special coverage. >>> the department of transportation is going to conduct a comprehensive review of the boeing 787 dreamliner's critical systems including design, manufacturing and assembly. secretary ray lahood spoke just moments ago. >> we will look for the root causes of recent events and do everything we can to ensure these events don't happen again. >> the 787 has had a difficult week, several jets were involved in public incidents, including a fire in the battery compartment and a fuel leak. >>> some amazing pictures to show you out of australia. check this out. wow! it's a red dust storm. looks almost like a wall of fire, doesn't it? i
against alabama in the s.e.c. championship game in atlanta. that's how dominant that conference really is. >> i think that's absolutely right, carlos. now, it was so one-sided last night, you almost had to look for other things for entertainment. the broadcast actually provided some sideshows there including -- i don't know if there's any other way to put it -- kind of a creepy sideshow dealing with a.j. mccarron's girlfriend. >> reporter: okay, hold on. >> i tell you, you quarterbacks, you get all the good-looking women. what a beautiful woman. >> wow! a.j. is doing some things right. >> superior youngster at alabama, start getting the football out and throwing it around the backyard with pop. >> reporter: okay, that's the creepy part right there because i respect brent mussburger, he's the best in the business, but dude, chill out. he was a little bit too, whoa, h hubba, hubba. brent needed to ease off. that's katherine webb, a.j. mccarron's girlfriend, the reign says miss alabama. her twitter followers went from 2300 -- she had 2300 at the beginning of the night. she topped 100,000 by
was beautiful. i'm don lemon. thank you for watching. from the cnn world headquarters in atlanta, good night. >>> 1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms. >> the infamous alex jones. how many gun murders were there in great britain? >> how many great white sharks kill people every year but they're scared to swim? >> plus, a man who knows all too well the tragic toll of gun violence. former congressman patrick kennedy. >> i was just disturbed. disturbed as a human being that this is what our civil discourse has come to. >> and i go toe-to-toe with this gun advocate. >> what you're doing is deliberately lying, deliberately twisting it. >> this is "piers morgan tonight." >>> good evening. america's been focusing on guns like never before. i want to revisit the best and the worst of those interviews tonight. first, want to know exactly where i stand on guns. i'm in favor of a nationwide ban on military-style semiautomatic assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. i want to close the gun show loophole and require private dealers to conduct background checks. i want to see pres
in atlanta. i hope you are feeling okay to do the segment. >> i can't even tell you how many people who i know who were sick with flu or flu-like illness. >> including me. >> and you're up there. >> and i'm up here and i didn't get the flu shot and i don't get it every year. >> ashleigh, did i teach you nothing? >> do you know what, you're brilliant and i'm busy. >> you're very sweet. next year i'm flying up there. >> just how bad is it? is it any different, i always say it's so bad this year, i feel like i say the same story every year. is it something different? is the strain different? >> no, what is weird or a little different is it started early. when you look at the past ten years, there were only two, maybe three seasons where we saw this much flu this early and it kept growing and growing. so, the cdc just a couple of hours ago came out with new numbers i'll share with you, ashleigh, if you look at last week, there were 29 states that had high levels of flu. the week before there were 16 states. so, you can see that's a big -- that's a big jump in one week. >> yeah. wow. that's in
on bravo as hit reality show "the real housewives of atlanta." >> nene leakes has that role on "the new normal" where she plays rocky, a fierce assist yabt who is not too different from the real nene, as we've noticed. hey. how are you? >> good morning. >> how are you? >> you're a busy bee, i have to say. >> i am. >> you got your fame from "the real housewives of atlanta." you quickly took it and ran with it. not everyone can do that, can they? >> not everyone can do that. that's very true. i've been very lucky and very blessed. i think when you get an opportunity or a platform such as "the real housewives of atlanta" you have to use it to your advantage, and i was able to do that, and now i'm on a primetime television show. >> yes, you are. >> are you loving that? >> i do. i love ryan murphy. he is the creator of "glee," "american horror story." i love it. quite different than reality. it's a whole hour. lots of hours. >> you earn the money. >> yes, you do. >> there's a scene that was the part with the turkeys and all that where you and -- you're actually playing your mother's role, yo
to see you representing by showing your 49ers pride before sunday's game against atlanta. our question, is your kid a bigger fan this one little one? >> who's got it better nobody! time for you! [screaming ] [ laughter ] >> go 9ers! >> oh, she's the best. she is 4 years old and happen to be anne makovec's niece. she is gorgeous. >> yes. >> so cute. [ laughter ] captions by: caption colorado captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday january 17th, 201. welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking news from north africa as a hostage taking of americans and others ends in blood shed. >>> president obama proposes sweeping new gun laws but will they happen? we'll hear from both sides, nra president david keene and new york mayor michael bloomberg are with us. >>> a notre dame football's inspiring story is all a hoax. we'll go inside this unbelievable tale. >>> we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener" your world in 90 seconds. >>> the united states strongly condemns these kin
as quickly as beef, hamburger prices. mcdonald first tried the mighty wings product in atlanta. it did well enough it's expanded to 500 stores in chicago. we sent cnbc camera man bob pollack, let him get lunch on the company. his review, quote, they are actually pretty good. spicy, i've had much worse. believed wings could be a successful new product. quote, we note a national launch could create cost pressure on wings as it relates to supply, could result in sustained high pricing for companies selling wings such as buffalo wild wings. you want to think about margin. here is the thing they are up $1.72 a year ago to $1.92. 2012 peeked at $1.90, they dipped as football season start, consolidated concept that negotiates prices for thousands of restaurants says for its customers wing prices up 50% from a year ago but flat since autumn. it suspects normal increases to be tempered into super bowl season because of increased chicken production. though of course if mcdonald's gears up big time, guys, that could negate this increased production offset, tyler. >> jane, thank you very much. they loo
reserve board's. the atlanta fed, new york fed, and we have twitter. we have facebook. we are moving along here. [laughter] so we are still a little bit old-fashioned, but social media provides a convenient way to communicate quickly, work with people, exchange of ideas, and keep track of what is going on. so, you know, i think it is a positive element. >> perhaps we should encourage you to follow the tigers will your online. unfortunately, we arrive time. i would like to thank our questioners for posing questions. i would like to thank all of you in the room and on line for joining us in today's conversation. you can find information on future policy talks at our website and through our twitter site. i hope you will follow us. we certainly will be following the fed. chairman, thank you very much for joining us. thank you. [applause] >> washington journal tomorrow morning, our guest will include republican representative scott virgil of virginia, a member of the budget and armed services committee will talk about his recent letter to gop colleagues making what has been described as a conse
. >> accounting is of the 49ers are gearing up to the is the atlanta falcons this sunday and the last hurdle on the road to the super bowl. i was as a bit excited all week in stores have been struggling to keep the no. 7 jersey on the shelves. a season ago the niners beat the new orleans saints and their playoff opener and lost in your giants in the nfc title game. at the jim harbaugh says the team has a better approach going into the title game this year. the niners will face the falcons this sunday at the georgia dome. at the game is at noon our time and we are asking for you to show your spirit and share with us. but all these great pictures we have already gotten an. i love the dogs! send them to is that breaking news at cracow or poems are kron4 facebook page. >> a live look outside and is a beautiful start to the morning. it is: should get into it though. sampras as those guys are clear and not bad thursday, we will be right back. [ womanom ] thi tis mis this iss my tey i feelfe more orinspirsp. . more preositivit [ male alennouncou ] o ]y liyn on adds fre fsh-pre-ped ted les to its
, republican. caller: i believe our public schools are failing us as a nation. i live in atlanta. many of our public schools in atlanta have been questioned or lost their accreditation because they are not meeting standards currently. our public schools are failing us as a nation. that is evidenced by many of your callers who don't have a very firm grasp of the english language. host: do you think the closing of a school that's not performing to a federally set standard is a fair move? caller: fair in an unachievable goal. i was told my entire life by my parents that life is not fair. life is not fair. host: glencore go on to brandon in dover, delaware, on our independent line. caller: how are you? nice show as usual. in delaware in my area we are having no problem with school closings. they are building more schools and bigger high schools and things of that nature. so we're having no problem here. do awaythink you should with the public schools. i have seen it being a problem because i used to travel a long way to school and i used to see houses out in the country. i used to think, sooner o
max. one church in atlanta has raised $3.3 million to fight human trafficking. that's why he originally was invited to do benediction. they preach 30 years ago consistent with the same beliefs that most every catholic, every evangelical and for that matter every muslim in this country holds regarding same sex marriage. he has essentially edged out. he officially withdrew. the question is four years ago barack obama said exactly the same thing when he was running for president as did hillary clinton, as did joe biden. are they going to be asked not to participate in the inaugural ceremony because something they said several years ago and his was 20, theirs was only four years. >> less than a year ago barack obama was against gay marriage. i don't think the clintons are on the record supporting him. there has been a huge change in public opinion and certainly opinion among the elites in this country on gay marriage. it just happened. who was for gay marriage 20 years ago? i never heard one person. >> do we need to be of the same mind set to enjoy a big public celebration together? >> i wo
americans which is tragic and the american response has been so confusing and so inconsist atlanta we have certainly made it appear as a major victory for al-qaeda. >> the number of u.s. drone strikes in yemen in 2012 was nearly identical to pack scan. this is read as more evidence that al-qaeda's followers are making yemen their base of operations. in washington, catherine herridge, fox news. >>> a mass shooting at a colorado movie theater will be in court tomorrow. prosecutors will present their case against james holmes at the preliminary hearing. large amounts of sealed evidence including 911 calls and videos that were shot inside the theater will be made public we understand for the first time. police say holmes opened fire during a midnight movie killing 12 people and injuring at least 70 others. just four miles away from the theater another gunman opened fire at a town home, killing three people. police identified the victims but not yet revealing their relationship to the shooter. the gunman was killed after a long standoff with police. >>> a showdown between gun rights and gun law
ahead. but the weather in atlanta? >> it's snowing. they had 3 inches in jackson. >> not going that way. >> thank you. >>> that's our report. we thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. >> be sure to join us for the news at noon on more for the changes of the restaurants in san francisco. we're always here for you at ktvu mobile.
meeting of the economics association at 3:30 p.m. futures are atlanta at the moment indicating a flat start but, of course, the open after the report that implied open for the s&p for what it's worth up .2 points for the s&p 500, dow jones is down 7 and fass dak up 2. ben lichtenstein is president of ben, we know what the consensus forecast is. we've upgraded for adp. 160,000. if we hit anywhere near that number, how do we trade through it afterwards? >> for the most part right now, the market continues to be poised for the continuing acquisition that we've been seeing. the market enjoying signatures gains this week. we saw the russell into all-time highs. really, what's the focus right now, ross, is the fact that the dollar is enjoying gains, as well. we've been seeing it gain some ground against the euro currency. i think that's mostly related to the fact that we've seen such a strong move in the interest rate products. we've been seeing the 30-year come off for the most part the last three weeks, really, since st election. and even about a week before that, we've
with this afternoon? >> atlanta proper i don't think will be a problem. we are going to see problems in nashville, knoxville and maybe memphis. the ice could be maybe a quarter of an inch. you get that on the roadway and schools will be shut down. wake up a few minutes early because you will need the extra time for sure. >> it is a big deal in the south. thank you. appreciate it. >>> they are witnesses to suffering, a high level u.s. delegation visiting a syrian refugee camp in turkey. we will get a look at what they hope to accomplish. all waking u. connecting to the global phenomenon we call the internet of everything. ♪ it's going to be amazing. and exciting. and maybe, most remarkably, not that far away. we're going to wake the world up. and watch, with eyes wide, as it gets to work. cisco. tomorrow starts here. cisco. itbut sleep train's huge foyear eends sunday. salels, get beautyrest, posturepedic, even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. plus, free same-day delivery, set-up, and removal of your old s
the military code of justice is only one of those tools. and in the cases that we are looking atlanta lackland we have cases where as a commander looked at all of the evidence that was available to him or her decided that a court marshall was not the appropriate venue to get to the right answer in terms of justice in that case, so they used some of the other tools that are available to them. uniquely in the military justice system. i think it's not as well understood often times in terms of the decision that is commanders make in terms of the venue that is used to achieve the right outcome in a case. and the fact that we can use non-judicial punishment and in other forms that would have the same sanction as you would find in a court marshall but are done in a way that does not require the same level of standards of proof that a court marshall would is a very important tool that commanders can use in order to enforce discipline and get to a better outcome in more cases than if they did not have that tool. i think that's very important. >> i appreciate that. i think we are going to run and vote
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